Notes from a Park Slope Dog Walker: Sean Casey Animal Rescue

dog walker park slope

It’s been my privilege as a Park Slope dog walker to meet so many extraordinary people doing extraordinary things, and no one embodies this fact more than Sean Casey of Sean Casey Animal Rescue. That’s why I donate to them every year.

Located just south of Prospect Park, Sean Casey Animal Rescue is a no-kill shelter that focuses on housing and rehabilitating animals, no matter their condition.  Because Sean Casey himself earned his NY State Assistant Wildlife Rehabilitator license in 2008, SCAR is devoted to preserving the lives of not only dogs and cats, but also squirrels, possums, ducks, geese, and reptiles, and returning them to loving homes or appropriate habitats. SCAR was founded in 1998, and is the premiere shelter in New York City for difficult rehabilitation cases, such as animals that were struck by cars.

Sean Casey Animal Rescue’s mission is to improve the quality of life of local animals, but also to engage with the local community and educate the public on how to co-exist with the creatures of our natural habitat. They are open everyday from 11AM – 7PM and always welcome visitors to come and learn about animal welfare, and even take one of their shelter dogs for a walk around the neighborhood. There are many workshops you can attend, including the NewBorn Kitten Care Class, and internships which teach valuable skills, not to mention events, and volunteering opportunities.

In 2014, SCAR housed and rehabilitated over 2,000 animals, more than any other NYC shelter.

For information on volunteering at Sean Casey Animal Rescue, go here.

For donations, click here.