How Will Downtown Brooklyn's Expansion Cater to Local Dogs?


Since a rezoning order in 2004, Downtown Brooklyn has seen the largest residential development growth in New York City. Last year also saw the opening of the highly anticipated Alamo Drafthouse, the Austin-based dine in movie theatre, next to old favorites such as BAM and Junior’s Restaurant. And today, there are over twenty contemporary residential buildings either currently in construction or being proposed in the neighborhood. Of these, most notably there is The Hub, the tallest building in Brooklyn with over 600 units whose catchphrase is “Live High.” All of these new luxury buildings come with luxury prices which means that the income of new residents will be between $120,000 – $200,000 annually. As these thousands of high-income inhabitants immigrate to Downtown, it is inevitable that a strong percentage of them will have dogs. But where will they go with them?

While there is great economic development, a couple things that Downtown Brooklyn is severely lacking are parks and dog runs. This is a problem.

Where can these people go with their dogs? Fort Greene Park has a dog run, but it’s at the far end of the park, which can be a far trek from Downtown to walk your dog. There is also Adam Yauch Park, which is a long walk as well. The only other dog run remotely close to Downtown is at Brooklyn Bridge Pier 6, which is a 26 minute walk from The Hub, and a 24 minute walk from 7 Dekalb Avenue. Not to mention, all of these streets are high traffic areas, which hardly make for an ideal walking environment.

There are many people who are rejoicing over the growth of Downtown Brooklyn: local store owners, homeowners, and the developers themselves, but one group that must be considered are the dogs. How can a family come and make a long-term home here if the city cannot provide open green spaces for their children and dogs to roam?