Fun Summer Things to Do with Your Dog in NYC

Summertime is here, everybody! And let’s be honest: as much as we love the look of snow on New York City trees during the holiday season, or in fall when leaves change color in our beautiful parks, nothing gets a New Yorker excited like the summertime. Of course, one of the big things us New Yorkers do in the summer is leave the city. We go to our friend’s beach house in Long Island or Jersey, or go upstate for some camping and hiking. All of these vacations are amazing, but we don’t do that every weekend, so for us dog owners who are in the city, what should we do with our dogs? Luckily, there are always fun summer things to do with your dog in NYC. Here’s a few fun summer things to do with your dog in NYC!

Prospect Park Dog Beach

All of the beaches in New York City are closed to dogs for the summer, but luckily the best option is right in our backyard in Prospect Park. The Prospect Park Dog Beach is located near the Tennis House, in the southern corner of the park. It features a swimming pond where dogs can paddle and swim freely during off-leash hours: 5 AM – 9 AM & 9 PM – 1 AM. The Prospect Park Dog Beach was renovated in 2016 with a rustic look, and features slate rock as steps for your dog to enter the pond.

If you’d like more details about the Dog Beach, visit here.

Get a Drink at Mission Dolores

It’s so nice to just go out on a beautiful summer night and get a relaxing drink. But when you have a dog you can feel guilty that you’re going out to have fun and leaving them at home. Luckily, there are dog-friendly bars and restaurants with adequate outdoor seating to allow you to bring your dog along. A great bar to do this is a local Park Slope favorite: Mission Dolores. Mission Dolores is located at 249 4th Avenue, near Carroll Street and has a great beer and cocktail menu alongside a laid-back and welcoming local atmosphere.

Catch a Brooklyn Cyclones Ballgame

On Sunday July 23rd flaunt your Brooklyn pride at “Bark in the Park”, the Brooklyn Cyclones annual bring your dog to the park day. For $12 (dog ticket included), you get a bleacher seat ticket, and your dog can run around the bases in a pre-game dog parade. How awesome does that sound! If you’re interested, check out their website here.

An Early Morning/Nighttime Jog Still Feels Great for Everybody!

Having a dog is a great way to stay in shape. During the summer, a light jog in the morning or at night after the sun has set is great exercise for you and your dog. Just remember to keep both of you hydrated at one of NYC Parks’ human and dog-friendly water fountains.

Of course, this summer you can still hit up one of the many dog runs, go to Prospect Park during off-leash hours and let your dog run, meet other dog owners and socialize. NYC dog runs are open year round.

Hope you and your dog have a great summer!