photo: courtesy of Jason, Cosmo, Frankie & Georgie

Dog safety is our top priority!

All dogs should have a tight fitting harness and collar with dog tags. Prong training collars, gentle leaders and martingale collars are okay instead of a harness, but not in place of a collar with tags.

Clients can supply a small carabiner which can attach to both the harness and the collar as a safety mechanism. Otherwise. All dogs are walked with our back up safety collars.

All leash clips should have a locking mechanism. This is important because leash clips can fail if they don't lock.

Taking the above precautions will drastically improve the safety of your dog.

We do not accept loose harnesses, retractable leashes or dogs without tags.

*If getting a new harness, please try to get one that goes on from the head down rather than the legs up. The latter fights gravity.

Dog Walking Information

We walk dogs from 10am-6pm everyday. Later walks are available by request, and staff availability.

Our dog walking services include: 30 and 50 minute midday group walks, solo visits for puppies and solo walks for dogs with special needs. We also do evening and weekend walks.

We focus on small group walks with no more than 2-3 dogs per walk. However, if you have a special needs dog who may need a solo walk or a "Walk & Train", I can evaluate the situation and make a determination. We do this on a case by case basis.

With our dog walking app, You will get daily push notifications when your walker arrives and when the walk is over. Your dog walker will always send you a note after the walk and you can be in direct communication with them or a manager throughout the day.

Jason and managers are always at work in the field with our staff to make sure things are smooth sailing!

Leash, collar, harness and towels (when it rains) can be left close to your apt door and easily seen for your dog-walker everyday. Water bowls should be somewhere we can easily find them. Most of our clients want their dogs walked between 12-4 pm. This means we are hustling to get to everyone on time. If we can't find a leash, harness, towel or water bowl, that can seriously slow us down which means we start running behind and the next set of dogs have to wait longer to get their walks.

We do private dog training sessions with clients. check out our dog training page in the main menu.

Dog-walking App

Once you decide to go with us, we will send you an activation email to set up your account. The app is super easy and user friendly. Check out the app page for more info.

Keys and Access to Your Apartment

We will need two sets of keys which are labeled with your dog’s name, unless you have a doorman.

Depending on your location, you may also be set up with a secure lockbox for keys. One set of keys will always be in this lockbox for the walker and the other set of keys will be at our office space as a back up.

Door Locks : The dog-walkers are programmed to lock all door. It is drilled into our heads. If there is a specific lock that you don't want locked you must take the action to disable that lock otherwise we can't guarantee that we won't lock it by accident. The easiest solution is to put tape over the locking mechanism, over the pin or the key hole depending on what kind of lock you have.

Scheduling and Cancelation Policy

We ask for a three hour time window for all midday walks, except for puppies.

Clients need to cancel by 10 pm the night before the walk to avoid charge, unless snowstorm or other natural emergency. In such cases cancellation is free.

We can't guarantee same day requests but can usually accommodate.

50 Minute Walks

If its raining or snowing, it’s very hard for us to get around and things take a lot longer. Also, we will be out in that bad weather for at least 5 hours.

Therefore, we will most likely have to shorten walk times (especially for long walks) or else we can’t get to all the dogs who are waiting to go out. Of course, if your dog is a puppy or crated during the day we will still give them their full time but it may be half outside and half inside with cuddle session, playtime, towel dry, etc.

Daily Dog Walker

Your pup most likely will have 1-3 consistent dog walkers and 1-2 back up walkers in case of a scheduling issue. Here are the reasons you may have more than one dog walker:

We are a full service dog walking company and have a lot of dogs on our schedule. Many of our customers have a busy calendar that rapidly changes, which takes a lot of flexibility on our part. We offer evening walks, weekend walks and pet sitting which requires us to have a large staff.

Most of our dog walkers are students and artists and can’t always work everyday. They get sick, take vacations and occasionally need time off. So, after 12 years of service, I’ve found that this is the best system for running a great dog walking business that can service everyone’s needs.

If your dog is super skittish with new people we will always try our best to have the most consistency.

Jason and managers are always at work in the field with our staff.

With our dog walking app, You will get a push notification when your dog walker arrives and when the walk is over. The walker will always send you a note after the walk and you can be in direct communication throughout the day with either your walker or a manager.