2018 Brooklyn Dog Summer Guide

Dogs in Brooklyn wait for the summer like human New Yorkers do. It’s a time when we can all finally be outside, get some sunshine, and spend more time with each other. One major downside for dogs, though, is the fact that going to most beaches in and around New York City is challenging, but there are many other memorable things to do in Brooklyn and around the city. Check them out!

Dog Beach!

This is a classic, and it always needs to go on the list. If you haven’t been, this is a must for every Park Slope dog. The Prospect Park Dog Beach was closed in 2015 for renovations and re-opened in 2016. It’s easily accessible from Long Meadow, which also has off-lease hours in the early morning and late nights. At the Prospect Park Dog Beach dogs can swim freely with their friends, and you don’t have to worry about safety because there’s a fence in the water that keeps other wildlife out of the area.


It’s time for us all to embrace our inner doga, and take time to achieve inner peace while exercising with our dogs in the summer. There’s a vet in Bushwick named Ezat Luba who offers free doga classes around the city. Or, if you’re feeling extra motivated, yoga instructor Anna Farkas offers doga classes, which aren’t free. This is definitely an activity to take advantage of in the summer, instead of carrying your yoga mat into the cold.

Dog Days of Summer Festival

Across the water over in Jersey City is a free, all-day festival with dog-inspired carnival games, adoption agencies, food and contests. It’s the dog networking event of the year. Plus, you get a sweet view of the Statue of Liberty.


Not to be confused with “Bark at the Park,” which is the Mets version on September 10th, Bark in the Park is at Cyclones stadium on Sunday July 15th at 4:00. Not only can you bring your dog to the park that day and participate in a dog parade, kids at the stadium can also run the bases, it's Grandparents Day, Marvel Super Hero Day, and you can get a Black Panther Bobblehead. That is a lot of celebration.

Paint Your Dog (Not on them though, don’t worry)

If doing yoga with your dog doesn't get you Zen enough, you can also paint a watercolor portrait of them in Central Park. The illustrator Michelle Cahill holds classes on painting and drawing. How it works is you email her a photo of your dog, and she’ll pre-sketch a drawing of your pet for you, then give you the sketch and the materials, so you can paint inside her drawing (that way it’s easier for you). Also, she’ll give you some assistance to get you painting a Renoir-style portrait of your dog (Renoir totally not guaranteed, but it’ll look good). Prices range from $450-$950.

There are a few quirky suggestions from your favorite Park Slope dog walker for you to make this summer extra memorable with your dog. Have fun, and don’t forget the sunblock!